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Because they are:
 - economical;
 - environmentally-friendly;
 - practical;
 - compact;
 - certified.

icon Eco pellets!

Pellets are becoming ever more popular in our contemporary society which aims at protecting the environment and reducing the pollution of water, air and soil.
Our eco pellets are made of 100% technological (pine) softwood without additives.

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fortim plant buildingFortim OOD has been operating since 2015. The production site of the plant is located near the town of Panagyurishte and has an area of 5,000 sq.m. The existing production line is automated and has a capacity of up to 1,000 kg/h thanks to the innovative technological solutions jointly developed by Bulgarian and Italian partners.

To make good products one needs high-quality materials which is why the materials we use come from state, municipal and private forests in Sarnena Sredna Gora Mountain and Sashtinska Sredna Gora Mountain.

Fortim OOD produces pellets from 100% technological softwood /Scots pine and Black pine/ without using residues from the wood processing industry and without adding additional binders.

Our Pellets are suitable for large industrial plants and small domestic fireplaces!

Our mission – Pellets

- highly calorific
- with low ash content
- at affordable prices


Production of pellets

fortim pellet machinesEco pellets are sawdust compressed under high pressure. This type of fuel can be used for heating commercial and living areas and can be used also in industry. These pellets are suitable for all types of boilers, fireplaces and stoves designed to work on pellets.

Fortim OOD produces eco pellets from 100% technological pine softwood without additives; pellets are produced from pure wood without impurities and binders. The process is fully automated.

The wood goes under the following consecutive processes: grinding, milling, tumble drying and another milling which result in a homogeneous material ready for pressing. This material is fed into the press where it passes through a matrix with the necessary hole and compression (typically with a diameter of 6 mm, sometimes 8 mm or more). The high pressure of the press significantly increases the temperature of timber, whereby lignin fibers form a natural "glue" which holds the integrity of pellets; then they are cooled, sieved and packed.

Advantages of pellets

fortim pellet - Compact and easy to transport and store.
- Allow full automation of the combustion process.
- Have high energy content, high efficiency / 85-90% / and little ash.
- Allow the economical consumption of fuel by optimising the combustion process.
- Compared to other fuels, pellets produce far less ash, sulfpur and other harmful substances in the combustion process.
- Easy to maintain heating systems – easy to load; with fully automated pellet feed system and easy to clean boiler due to the less waste produced during the combustion process.
- Wood pellets are carbon-neutral renewable energy source!

Characteristic features and certificates of the pellets

The pellets produced by Fortim OOD are proven to have high quality and are certified under EN ISO 17225 - 2:2014, Class А1.

Results from laboratory tests on:

Moisture – 6.41%;
Ash – 0,59%;
Sulphur - 0.02%;
Calorific value – 17,35 mJ/kg

Certificate: Pelet Quality Certificate PDF


Price of the eco pellets produced by Fortim plant:

per tonne

"There is hardly anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse and sell a little cheaper, and the people who consider price only are this man's lawful prey!"


You can find us on address:

Bulgaria, Panagyurishte,
 14 General Dandevil st. 1 fl.

Plant location: Panagyurishte, Muley locality